Only a Few Days Left. Call for Papers: International Workshop at the GHI Paris


“Interpersonal Relations in Court Societies: Theory and Methodology in Practice”


Application deadline: 24 January 2016

On 22 March 2016 the one-day workshop “Interpersonal Relations in Court Societies: Theory and Methodology in Practice”, organised by our research group “Practices of Power and Interpersonal Relationships at Dynastic Centres (1500-1800)”, will take place at the GHI Paris.
As innovative research in historical court studies is based on the solid ground of theoretical reflexion, this workshop focuses on methodological approaches and models for the understanding of the court as a political and social institution. The workshop’s objective is to create a forum for discussions about the various ways how the innovative and creative use of theories and methodologies can contribute to the research in the bourgeoning field of historical court studies.
At the one-day workshop the participants will be given the opportunity to present a specific theoretic or methodological approach that he or she has found particularly useful and inspiring for their work. Before the workshop, each contributor will circulate a short published theoretical or methodological text (a chapter or an article), which will be read by all participants. On the day of the event, all scholars will provide a short presentation of about 20-30 minutes in length, which will comprise the following elements: a brief introduction to the individual research topic and a discussion of how the circulated approach could be fruitfully applied to the presented thematic. Work-in-progress is welcome, and all presentations will be followed by a constructive discussion. We are particularly interested in comparative and transcultural approaches, not only where they are concerned with Western European court societies, but also where they include dynastic centres outside of Europe.
Working languages are French and English. We expect the ability to follow discussions in both languages.
Travel costs for participants will be covered and accommodation can be provided. Please apply with a short cover message (including details on language skills), an abstract of the planned presentation of no more than 200 words, as well as a Curriculum Vitae to Pascal Firges ( For any enquiries please contact Pascal Firges or Regine Maritz (

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