Final Report on My Visiting Scholarship for Master’s Students, by Stephanie Bode

The German Historical Institute in Paris (GHI) awards visiting scholarships to selected master’s students in order to give them a better insight into central aspects of the academic career. Stephanie Bode has been awarded such a visiting scholarship and following is her report on her stay at the GHI.

Working title of the MA-thesis: “Security Strategies in Court Society. Short- and Long-Term Factional Politics During the Late Reign of Louis XIV”. Stephanie Bode (Marburg University)

Image: Le roy accepte le testament du feu roy catholique Charles II. et déclare.., Bibliothèque nationale de France, RESERVE FOL-QB-201 (75), Public Domain

The Student-in-Residence-Program offers students who consider applying for a PhD the opportunity to deepen and broaden their research experience. Visiting fellows are actively involved in one of the research groups at the GHI while still being allowed to work on their own research projects. The participation in the research group “Practices of Power and Interpersonal Relationships at Dynastic Centres (1500–1800)” meant that I attended team meetings and the reading group, both of which gave me the opportunity to discuss relevant research questions with experienced researchers and I greatly benefited from this exchange. As my own research topic was closely linked to the group’s research interests, I got very helpful advice for my own project. As well as being able to exchange thoughts and ideas, I was allowed to gain an excellent insight into the research process in general. For instance, I gained some insight into how to maximize the potential of a chosen research project, by using different methodologies. Regular meetings with Pascal Firges, head of the research group, gave me new inspiration and encouragement.

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