Thursday 15 November 2018

10:00 Welcome & Introduction
Pascal FIRGES (DHIP/IHA), Regine MARITZ (Universität Bern)
11:00 Coffee Break
11:2012:40 Panel 1: Gender
Chair: Britta KÄGLER (NTNU Trondheim)
Pernille ARENFELDT (American University of Sharjah):
Gendering Politics at the Courts of Sixteenth-Century Germany
Regine MARITZ (Universität Bern):
Gender Difference and the Practice of Power at the Early Modern Court of Württemberg
12:4014:00 Lunch Break
14:0015:20 Panel 2: Bodies, Sexuality, and Emotions I
Chair: Regine MARITZ (Universität Bern)
Tom TÖLLE (Universität Hamburg):
Courts, Politics, Corporeality: Reflections on a History of Court Politics with the Ailing Bodies Put Back In
Nadine AMSLER (Universität Bern):
Wet Nurses and the Power of Milk Relationships at Court
15:20 Coffee Break
15:4017:00 Panel 3: Bodies, Sexuality, and Emotions II
Chair: Pascal FIRGES (DHIP/IHA)
Mirko VAGNONI (Université de Fribourg) :
The Mise-en-scene of the King’s Body at the Angevin and Aragonese Courts of Naples and Palermo (1266–1343)
Aurore CHÉRY (Laboratoire de recherche historique Rhône-Alpes):
A New Vision of Sexuality and Power at the French Court through two Famous Letters from Joseph II
17:00 Coffee Break
17:2018:40 Panel 4: Religion, Intellecutal Production, and Material Culture I
Chair: Britta KÄGLER (NTNU Trondheim)
Lana MARTYSHEVA (Université Paris-Sorbonne):
The Shifting Political Roles of Court Clerics
Helen WATANABE-O’KELLY (University of Oxford):
Religion and Confession as the Bedrock of Monarchy and Court

Friday 16 November 2018

10:0011:20 Panel 5: Religion, Intellectual Production, and Material Culture II
Chair: Helen WATANABE O’KELLY (University of Oxford)
Elisabeth C. NATOUR (Universität Regensburg):
(Un)heard Practices of Power: Toward a Musical History of Court Politics
Karl KÜGLE (University of Oxford):
The Duchess Virago: Gender, Religious and Cultural Politics, and their Narratives, in Fifteenth-Century Savoy
11:20 Coffee Break
11:4013:00 Panel 6: Family, Household, State I
Chair: Niels MAY (DHIP/IHA)
Leonhard HOROWSKI (Humboldt-Universität Berlin):
Useful Ink-Shitters and Decorative Excellencies: The Difficult Relationship between Ministers of State and Courtiers in Brandenburg-Prussia and France, c. 1650–1800
Giora STERNBERG (University of Oxford):
The Monseigneur and the grands seigneurs: Politics of Priority at the Bourbon Court France
13:00 Lunch Break
14:2015:40 Panel 7: Family, Household, State II
Chair: Nadine AMSLER (Universität Bern)
Dries RAEYMAEKERS (Radboud Universiteit):
Dynasty and Bastardy: The Fate of Illegitimate Royal Children in European Courts, c. 1500–1800
Philip MANSEL (Society for Court Studies):
The Reins of Power: The Politics of the French Royal Stables, from Henri III to Louis XVI
15:40 Coffee Break
16:0017:20 Panel 8: Global Historical and Transcultural Perspectives
Chair: Pinar KAYAALP (Ramapo College)
Giulia CALVI (New Europe College, Bucharest):
Translating Court Cultures. Medical Practice, Scientific Knowledge, and Political Information between the Ottomans and the Medici (1682–1688)
Jeroen DUINDAM (Universiteit Leiden):
Why Global Comparison? The Example of the Court
17:2018:30 Final Discussion